Joining gitlab, yocto and bitbake

Seems a lot of work in the first step, but now it is able to run.
It will last 3-4 hours in the first pass, but as we hope for caching in the next tries, it might get better anyhow.

As usual, when it is error free the gitlab project will be open to anyone to learn from. … Or to give better ideas.

In addition, add some finalizing layer/receipe to check for unused libs.

  1. Scan all lib*so files in /usr/lib and perhaps /lib and more.
  2. Run through all binary in /bin /usr/bin etc and list all needed libs:

objdump -p * 2>/dev/null | grep NEEDED | awk '{print $2}' | sort -u >used_libs.csv

with that info one might find candidates which are unused.